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Analyse. Understand. Decide. Optimise.

The everyday management of your business generates an important quantity of data. Some is essential, some is not. Some is relevant, some is not. To allow you to analyse your commercial business, the Freedelity CDP tools simplify and rationalise access to your data, in the form of simple reports and interactive graphs that are instantly clear.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Freedelity CDP statistical and analytical tools are clear, precise and simple to learn. A great many of the graphical representations are interactive and all reports can be exported by simply clicking, apart from certain geolocated reports.

Get to know your customers

An intimate knowledge of your customers is one of the keys to your business success. This knowledge will give you the capacity to stay one step ahead of your customers' needs and to adapt your offers to their specific expectations. Age, gender, nationality, place of residence or RFM classification are just some of the filters that are offered to you.

Analyse your sales cycles

Your sales vary according to the time of year, the weather, the seasons,... Learn to recognize and control your sales cycles by analyzing them visually; distinguish at a glance between off-peak periods and times when your points of sale are operating at full capacity. Adjust your schedules and optimize your sales structure with full knowledge of the facts.

Geolocate your consumers

Plan your relationship marketing campaigns considering geolocation factors. Analyse your consumers' movements to prevent congestion. Identify the main routes taken by your consumers to optimise your advertising campaigns. Detect and act immediately on any house moves to avoid losing consumers.